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We are Manufacturing Group

Based on the technology development cultivated in the plastic industry for 30 years, we aim to integrate a new special printing + resin molding technology for manufacturing technology and product development! And are going to aim produce products that contribute to energy conservation society by developing customized products using environmentally technologies including LED and solar power generation and manufacturing technology.

プラスチック業界で30年間培ってきた技術開発をさらにブラッシュアップしシルク特殊印刷+樹脂成形技術のさらなる融合を図りオンリーワンの製造技術と製品開発を目指します! LED、ソーラー発電をはじめ新開発消火ステッカーを初めとした環境に優しい技術を用いたカスタマイズ​製品の開発、製造技術を元に安全安心の街づくり、省エネ社会に貢献する製品作りを目指します!

Our Services

Business contents 


We will design and manufacture customized products according to request




Plastic molding design, manufacture,maintenanceRepair andmanagement  Plastic molding and film insert molding



Screen Printing


Silk screen printing and4colorseparation Image processing consultant


Sterilization, virus inactivation down light  completed! 

We are finally starting to take orders for the down light for full-scale sales. Please see What'NEW for details.


Fire Fighting


extinguish the initial fire completely and safely by extinguishing agent built in the microcapsules extinguisher liquid detects flame of fire and extinguished



Energy-saving environment related products

 04/19up to date

Emergency power supply, solar power generation, energy-saving lighting equipment development and production


PC・HP product related business

Specialized staff will perform repairs appropriate for the symptoms while preserving important data. We also accept customization such as capacity up and CPU speed up.



List of molded products


Manufacturer SAIKYO

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