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Energy-saving environment related products

We provide Super energy saving LED system

9 years have passed since the eastern Kanto earthquake, although it is being forgotten, we are developing from the idea that it is necessary as  a future.
Power supply circuit is unnecessary, power consumption is much smaller than before 
Fluorescent light of extremely thin type is possible, also Task ambient lighting system it can be used for various purposes. It can be installed even in dark and narrow places etc! Customized according to usage and place of use You can do it.

Ultra-bright energy-saving street light system

Ultra-bright energy-saving street light type LED lighting
Now that mercury lamps are abolished, it is a great opportunity to switch to LED lighting. SAIKYO's mercury lamp alternative street light has a built-in power circuit and
it can be installed simply by replacing it.
Power consumption 36W (equivalent to 200W for conventional products)
Total luminous flux 4,320lm

Storage battery system for disaster prevention
Reconstructing the emergency storage battery system designed and manufactured in the previous , making it easy to use and increasing the capacity according to the needs of the user, and providing a very fulfilling product such as a microwave oven, stove, 270 mobile charging units, etc. Development, manufacturing and sales started.




消費電力 36W(従来品200W相当)
​全光束  4,320lm