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The world of zazen

Zazen is the core of Zen Buddhist training. The idea is to sit cross-legged on a cushion, straighten your posture, and unify your mind in a state of regretful reverie. The basics of zazen are known as choshin, chobre, and tonshin, and adjusting posture, breathing, and mind are the basics of zazen. In the Soto sect, people sit cross-legged facing a wall. There are two ways to sit cross-legged: one is to cross both legs, which is called keizoku-za, and the other is to cross only one leg, which is called han-toki-za. Place your right palm facing up on top of your crossed legs and cup your left hand over it. When doing this, do not press your thumbs together, but leave them about the width of a piece of paper apart. To adjust your posture, you should rock your body to find the most stable position.

Please experience the state of selflessness.

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