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 2023/11/30 UP to DATE


2023/11/30UP to DATE

We extinguished a fire in a large pot with just a 10g fire extinguishing capsule. After extinguishing the fire, you can easily clean it by wiping it lightly with a rag.


2023/11/29 UP to DATE

We experimented with  oil by using 30m of fire cloth in a 45cm large wok to extinguish a fire.I think this will be useful in restaurants and households alike.


2023/11/21   UP to DATE
We will start selling to individuals from December!!
Please see the brochure below for details.


 FFS  kojinnmuke-2.jpeg
 FFS  kojinnmuke.jpg

2023/11/14   UP to DATE

New release! fire cloth It is a fire extinguishing cloth that can be used for any type of fire (ABC fire) in any location, and has been officially scheduled for release in December, with mass production in sight. It is an excellent product that can be used against kitchen oil fires, mobile battery fires, etc. Standard size: 30cm x 30cm Please contact your dealer for prices. Please contact us regarding size customization.





サイズは標準サイズ30cmX30cm 価格は取扱代理店にお問い合わせ下さい。



2023/08/23 UP to DATE

Fire extinguishing sticker with built-in lithium-ion battery

This is a fire extinguisher sticker with a built-in lithium-ion battery.It is a product that can handle fires inside the lithium-ion battery by increasing the heat resistance temperature from 100 degrees to 120 degrees than conventional stickers.



スクリーンショット 2023-08-30 9.30.06.png
スクリーンショット 2023-08-30 9.29.49.png
2023/05/29 UP to Date

Sterilization, virus inactivation lighting light has been completed. The amount of light is sufficient (1536lm) and the power consumption is only 6w. With the same type of power supply circuit, it is an overwhelming energy saving design with a power consumption of 14W. ​It is the only lighting that can kill viruses in just 20 seconds, kill more than 70% of coliforms in about 2 hours, and almost eliminate them in 5 hours! Moreover, it is a super energy-saving lighting that does not require a power adapter to drive a 5V DC LED directly from AC100V. ​     



ウイルスならわずか20秒、大腸菌類も2時間ほどで70%以上死滅、5時間でほぼ消滅させることが出来る唯一の照明です!しかもAC100Vから直接5V DC LEDを駆動させる電源アダプター要らずの超省エネ照明です。

​                                                                                                                                                   ​

スクリーンショット 2023-05-29 15.21.43.png
Please download the documents below  詳細資料は下記よりダウンロードをして下さい
英語版  English Edition
日本語版 Japanese Edition
SAIKYO will continue to challenge everything to create a sustainable world as well as energy saving, recycling, environmental protection, and safe and secure living. We will continue to propose such things as complete recycling of plastics (Ohata Kako), ultra-energy-saving lighting that eliminates power circuits and can inactivate viruses and bacteria.
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