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     2021/06/17 UP TO DATE

Fire extinguishing paint completed

It took more than a year to complete the fire extinguishing paint. unlike conventional stickers, it is an overwhelming solution that can prevent the initial fire just by applying it anywhere.
For more information, please visit the Fire Fighting Sticker site.

​詳細はFire Fighting Sticker サイトでご覧下さい。
Emergency storage battery
in case of a disaster
In Japan, an earthquake-prone country, we do not know when disasters such as power outages due to floods caused by flooding of rivers as well as earthquakes will occur. Currently, we developing and selling emergency power supplies using storage batteries to prepare for disaster prevention.
Compared to the one using a conventional engine syetem, the installation location is small, and it is an excellent one that can be installed anywhere without noise or exhaust gas.
It can also be used while charging in an emergency using the included solar panel.
地震大国日本 地震のみならず河川の氾濫による洪水による停電等災害はいつ起こるかわからない現在、防災に備える為に蓄電池による非常用電源を開発販売開始しました。
We propose in-line hoop molding

"Hoop continuous insert molding" is a technology that completes metal material → primary molding → cutting / bending → secondary molding → product cutting and inspection in-line. We collaborated with the technology that can deposit silver on the substrate. It is now possible to manufacture flexible boards in one go, and since the boards are made by printing, high efficiency and low price have been achieved.


Started sales of face recognition and temperature measurement system

There are various corona countermeasure products such as a temperature measurement system applied to the forehead, a soot system that measures the image with a camera and confirms the image. Although our product a stand-alone system, you can manage attendance by connecting it to your PC, and even open and close the door by connecting an intercom (sold separately). The temperature measurement error is ±0.5°C and the warranty period is 3 years.