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We have a Other special technology below


1,  Squeeze flat sheet to three dimensions and make it It is insert molded product.

     The thickness of the sheet is 0.4~3mm Moldable up to 60mm height and                     shape It can be freely designed.

2,  Transparent article, thick-walled article other                                                             Transparent article, thick-walled article, film insert, Pat printed goods etc, at                 After molding we can added value to general molded parts. 

3,  3D lenticular Film in mold molding other

     3D lenticular Film in mold molding It is film insert molded product of 3D image             by lenticular special manufacturing method.It is possible to use it outdoors                 requiring weather resistance by making it possible to produce with highly                     transparent acrylic and heat resistant PC.

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