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Plastic industry

We will design and produce plastic molds that meet your needs and budget. We solve problems with customers even for difficult product shapes. Please leave any products such as thick transparent products as well as engineering plastic molding, and we will make the best proposal together with cooperating manufacturers.

Screen Printing industry

We can produce products with gravure printing quality based on the technology that enables high definition printing in silk screen printing, and you can make beautiful printed products with only 4 colors without repeatedly printing as usual.We make consistent products from image processing to printing.

Safety and security industry

Required to protect factories and offices from fires and to prevent early fires before they occur. Especially in old factory facilities, fires to earth leakage etc. do not stop. Fire extinguishing stickers can be set up (pasted) easily to extinguish the initial fire and prevent large-scale fires. Microcapsules with extinguishing media are the only fire extinguishing solution in Japan that can be customized for various uses.

Energy-saving environment industry

​The power supply circuit is important for LED lighting, and the poor quality of conventional products has poor power supply, and noise and flicker increase the load on the body. We design and manufacture standard fluorescent lamp types in Japan, and conduct thorough quality control until inspection and shipment. We are also producing customized products. Currently, we also have a lineup of double-sided emission, high brightness type, for plants, completely waterproof type IP68.

Other Manufacturing industry

The technology to convert 2D into 3D by vacuum / pressure molding can also express subtle shades that cannot be reproduced with a 3D printer. Especially in mass production, it is overwhelmingly advantageous and cost effective. We have developed a speedy prototype system so that many people can use this technology. In plastic molding, we can offer the same precision, transparency and quality of general molding and special thick-wall molding as in other countries.
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