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   2024/03/01UP to DATE

2024/03/021UP to DATE

The fire extinguisher sticker site has been completely renewed. The theme is easy to understand and read, so please take a look.

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2024/03/01 UP to DATE

From March 1st of this year, we started accepting orders for super energy-saving lighting that sterilizes and inactivates viruses. This is an epoch-making lighting product that can be used as lighting, and can even sterilize and remove viruses. For details, please see the website below.You can also customize downlights, fluorescent lights, desk lights, etc. as you like. Please consider using safe germicidal lighting in offices, hospitals, nursing care facilities, public facilities, and other locations.

2024/02/07 UP to DATE

We have renewed the SAIKYO HP for the new fiscal year (2024/03). As we head into the new fiscal year, we will further advance the production of environmentally friendly products and move forward strongly toward the realization of a sustainable society based on the theme of safety and security.

2024/01/16 UP to DATE

It the burning incense sticks in the palace of a certain politician? When I heard the news about the fire, I placed a fire extinguishing cloth under the incense stand of the Buddhist altar in my small job. Actually, the cloth I had placed underneath it had been burnt before, and I was worried that it was due to the incense burner being improperly lit, so I installed one. Fire extinguishing cloth can also be used in this way! Everyone is sorry for the mismanagement of the incense sticks. Please be careful.

2024/01/08 UP to DATE

Happy New Year, and we look forward to your continued support this year.
I'm embarrassed to say that there was a tracking fire early in the new year, but we had a tracking fire at our company.We weren't aware of it at all, but we found it when we were cleaning for the new year. Thanks to the stickers, there was no major fire.Please use our fire extinguishing stickers to protect your valuable assets from tracking fires.

We have opened a fire extinguishing sticker sales site for individuals!

We have opened a site for selling fire extinguishing stickers for individuals!

2023/05/29 UP to Date

Sterilization, virus inactivation lighting light has been completed. The amount of light is sufficient (1536lm) and the power consumption is only 6w. With the same type of power supply circuit, it is an overwhelming energy saving design with a power consumption of 14W. ​It is the only lighting that can kill viruses in just 20 seconds, kill more than 70% of coliforms in about 2 hours, and almost eliminate them in 5 hours! Moreover, it is a super energy-saving lighting that does not require a power adapter to drive a 5V DC LED directly from AC100V. ​     


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Please download the documents below  
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