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Hoop continuous insert molding is a high-precision processing molding technology that can complete the inspection process in-line with metal material → next molding → cutting → bending → secondary molding → product cutting. Please take advantage of multi-resin molding technology, which allows you to arbitrarily combine metal + resin processing using hoop molding technology.“Differences from conventional molding methods”
1. Inserts made by the conventional method are expensive and lead to incorrect terminal arrangement.Hoops have zero alignment errors and low cost!2. Advancement of the conventional method of unmanned operation by robots, etc., can increase the initial capital investment.

What is hoop molding


Ultra-bright energy-saving street light type LED lighting

Now that mercury lamps product are abolished, it is a great opportunity to switch to LED lighting. SAIKYO's mercury lamp alternative street light has a built-in power circuit and can be easily installed simply by replacing the E26, E39 type base. Power consumption 36W (equivalent to 200W) Total luminous flux 4,320lm



Product made by hoop molding

This product is manufactured by automatically performing the process of molding resin into pressed metal.    simplifying the manufacturing process and improving quality at low cost.  Mass production and quick delivery are available. The production line can be easily changed just by changing the jig, so the burden on the operator can be reduced.


Ultra-thin power supply circuit-less energy-saving lighting

Power supply circuit is unnecessary, so power consumption is significantly lower than before and extremely thin lighting is possible, and task ambient lightingIt can be used in various applications and can be installed in dark and narrow places. We accept customization according to purpose and place of use.


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